Author Endorsements


“Romantic! Engaging and absorbing! Dawn Crandall brings America’s Gilded Age to life on the page with vintage amour and emotional depth. Poetically written, Crandall's stories of faith and love will charm fans of classic literature and Christian fiction alike.”
KRISTY CAMBRON, author of The Butterfly and the Violin, The Sparrow of Terezin and The Ringmaster's Wife

“Visit a bygone era filled with romance, intrigue, and characters who will stay with you long after you close the book. Dramatic and engaging, THE EVERSTONE CHRONICLES is one series you won’t want to miss.”
MICHELLE GRIEP, author of Brentwood’s Ward and The Captive Heart


“Delving deep into the human heart with prose as polished as beach stones, THE HESITANT HEIRESS is a marvelous romance and an impressive debut.” 
LORI BENTON, Christy award winning author of Burning Sky, The Wood's Edge and A Flight of Arrows

“Dawn Crandall is a new author to watch!” 
ELIZABETH CAMDEN, Christy and Carol award winning author of Against the Tide and Beyond All Dreams

“A love story to savor, THE HESITANT HEIRESS is a gentle Gilded Age courtship that delightfully teases, taunts, and takes the heroine—and the reader—by surprise with a tale of mystery and true love revealed.”
JULIE LESSMAN, author of The Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and Heart of San Francisco series

“If you enjoy reading inspirational romance, you’ll love THE HESITANT HEIRESS!”
MELANIE DOBSON, author of Chateau of Secrets and Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor

“What a heart-stopping work of art! The first chapter was all it took to captivate this eager reader!”
SHARLENE MacLAREN, author of Heart of Mercy and Threads of Joy


THE BOUND HEART is an intense, powerful journey of one woman’s search for true love and true forgiveness. It is a beautiful reminder to us that nothing is too broken for God to piece together with the power of his grace. Lawry is a delightful and consistent hero worth falling for and Meredyth’s desperate longing for wholeness comes to its full completion in being loved well! Absolutely beautiful.”
PEPPER D. BASHAM, author of The Thorn Bearer, The Thorn Keeper and A Twist of Faith

“In THE BOUND HEART, Dawn Crandall creates a cast of broken characters whose struggles spoke to me from the prologue. This story will send you on a passionate search for the Healer of all hurts.”
CARA PUTMAN, author of Shadowed by Grace


“Dawn Crandall is a fresh new voice in inspirational romance, and THE CAPTIVE IMPOSTER, does not disappoint!”
SANDRA BYRD, author of Mist of Midnight and Bride of a Distant Isle

“A blend of elegant drama and mystery, THE CAPTIVE IMPOSTER tells the story of a love unexpected. Dawn Crandall quickly became a favorite author with her first two books, and the element of hidden identity in The Captive Imposter entwines with the style I’ve come to expect from Crandallresulting in one satisfying read.” 
RACHELLE REA, author of The Sound of Diamonds, The Sound of Silver and The Sound of Emeralds


“A hint of mystery, a dose of betrayal, and a tantalizing romance--everything a historical romance lover could want! Crandall yet again crafts a tale that will leave her readers breathless.”
—Roseanna M. White, author of the Ladies of the Manor Series

“A redeemed rogue and a wronged maiden—bound together in a passionate but seemingly ill-fated relationship. If you love romance in the style of Jane Austen, you’ll love The Cautious Maiden! Dawn Crandall draws the reader in with complex characters and hints of danger, adding layers of emotion in a skillful blend that makes this a book you won’t soon forget!” —Susan Anne Mason, award-winning author of Irish Meadows

“THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN is a deeply absorbing love story—literally impossible to put down. Rich with historical detail, the reader is transported into America’s Gilded Age where the relationship between Vance and Violet sizzles with undeniable romantic tension. Crandall deftly infuses the plot with equal measures of intrigue, conflict, heart pounding romantic moments, and character growth to form a captivating page turner. The depth of honesty and redemption found within The Cautious Maiden is as refreshing as it is brave. Readers who enjoy romance, history, and stories brimming with hope will not want to miss this brilliant work.” 
—Jessica Keller, author oSaving Yesterday and The Goose Harbor Series

“Readers will be captivated by Dawn Crandall’s fourth novel, THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN. Emotions run deep and draw the reader in with flawed characters and gentle nudgings of romance that flare into a passionate journey of forgiveness and new beginnings. Violet is an innocent woman with a generous heart. Vance is a reformed rogue with the best intentions. Together, they create an amazing story sure to please the hopeful romantics in all of us.”​ —Pepper D. Basham, author of the Penned in Time series and A Twist of Faith

“Once again Dawn Crandall brings us a stirring historical novel with just the right blend of romance and redemption. Violet’s situation captured me from the opening scene, and I was equally intrigued by the hero, Vance. Readers who are looking for well-written historical romance with emotional depth will enjoy the whole series and especially The Cautious Maiden.”
—Carrie Turansky, Award-winning author of A Refuge at Highland Hall and Shine Like the Dawn

“With memorable characters and unforgettable detail, Dawn Crandall brings historical New England to life in The Cautious Maiden, a dramatic novel sure to appeal to lovers of Christian romance.” 
—Naomi Rawlings, Author of the Eagle Harbor Series

“Prepare to be swept away with this beautifully compelling tale of romance and intrigue as author Dawn Crandall deftly weaves her magic in The Cautious Maiden, fourth in her The Everstone Chronicles series. I was immediately drawn to Crandall’s complex, engaging characters; like the chaste, soft-spoken Miss Violet Hawthorne and her reformed rake, the enigmatic Vance Everstone, a hero to capture any woman’s heart. Set against the backdrop of New England’s Gilded Age, this novel of faith and redemptive love, sprinkled throughout with a sense of mystery and danger is a unique story embracing the spirit of Bronte’s Jane Eyre and a delightful touch of Austen’s Pride and PrejudiceThe Cautious Maiden kept me turning the page until I reached a most sublime ending. A must-read for fans of Christian romantic fiction!” 
—Kate Breslin, award-winning author oFor Such a Time and Not by Sight

“When a cautious maiden is affianced to a redeemed rogue, historical fireworks ensue in a memorable Gilded Age tale sure to satisfy historical romance lovers. With her trademark first person style, flawed yet endearing characters, and thought-provoking spiritual truths, Dawn Crandall has crafted another winner that will have fans clamoring for yet another segment of The Everstone Chronicles.” 
—Laura Frantz, author of A Moonbow Night

“What do you get when you mix a redeemed rake, an innocent maiden and a determined villain? A tale impossible to put down! A great blend of action enhances characters who are intent on following their instincts: in one case a new call to obey God, in another a long-held trust that God is in control, and in the last a selfish desire to use others for his own good. Dawn Crandall's THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN is a romantic escape with a wonderful ending!” 
—Maureen Lang, author of the Great War Series and the Gilded Age Series, Tyndale House Publishers

“With a fabulous mix of romantic tension, thrilling suspense, and spiritual truths... Dawn Crandall instantly pulled me deep into the story of Vance and Violet! Her ability with first person narration never ceases to amaze me as it helps me connect with her characters in ways that I never would have imagined. The journey this book took me on is rife with fears and struggles which I thrilled to see these characters overcome! And when I find an author who can make me so genuinely like a character that I previously could not stand... I know I’ve found a keeper!” – Aerykah, Book Reviewer,

“Dawn Crandall’s unique voice in historical fiction blends romance, faith, and a hint of intrigue into one masterful tale. Her fourth novel, THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN, is no exception. She has crafted characters you will immediately love and cheer for, whose passion for one another stems not just from the physical, but a spiritual and emotional attraction, too. The story told through Violet’s eyes is lifted by Dawn’s elegant prose, and brought to life by the spiritual truths woven throughout. Dawn has become a ‘must read’ author for me, and The Cautious Maiden has only reinforced her status.” – Mikal Dawn, Book Reviewer 

“It is a rare thing indeed to come across a romance that is as tender yet alluring as the one found in THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN. In a time rife with the social constructs of the Gilded Age, Violet and Vance grapple with both society and the complications of their own hearts. The exquisite tension in their interactions had me glued to the pages, and the realism of their doubts and fears touched me deeply. With superb character development and a passionate romance rivaled only by the strong spiritual message found within its pages, The Cautious Maiden is a wonderful addition to the Everstone Chronicles.” – Beth Bulow, Straight Off the Page /

“THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN was an emotionally charged, heartwarming, and highly entertaining read! Full of sizzling romance, a bad boy who has opened his heart to God, and a girl who feels she doesn’t deserve his love. It was heart-wrenching to see two individuals doubt their worth, but then beautiful as they sought and allowed forgiveness. Would recommend to inspirational and general romance readers alike.” – Tressa Sherman, book reviewer at

“In THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN, author Dawn Crandall takes a reformed rogue with a redeemed heart and plants him solidly in the Heroes Hall of Fame.  Passion and purity waltz together in perfect harmony; both swoon-worthy in their own right, the combination in Vance Everstone will leave you breathless.  The power of Christ to transform a life… the power of love to transform a heart … the power of grace to transform a rogue into a hero. I have loved each book so far in The Everstone Chronicles, but I firmly believe that The Cautious Maiden is Dawn’s best yet!” – Carrie Schmidt,

​“​Time ceases to exist whenever I pick up a book by Dawn Crandall. From the earliest pages of THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN, I was immersed in the story of Violet and Vance. How could I not love this sweet, timid heroine with a big heart and her valiant hero seeking redemption from his past? The romantic tension sizzles, along with unexpected twists of suspense, making this a novel guaranteed to steal your breath away. It certainly stole mine.”         – Savanna Kaiser,

“In her best book yet, Dawn Crandall gives us the story of Vance Everstone, the prodigal son, and Violet Hawthorne, the virtuous maiden, as they grow in Christ and towards each other. THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN is another heart pumping and beautifully written love story.” – Charity Andrews,

 “While the social complications of the Gilded Age are the ones inhibiting the hero and heroine at first glance in THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN, it’s the complications of their hearts that will keep readers turning the pages of this exquisite novel. With her beautiful prose and trademark skill at first person point-of-view, Dawn Crandall will take you on a journey that shows that anything is possible with faith and love.” – Marisa Deshaies, fiction editor and reviewer

“Stepping into the world of a Dawn Crandall novel, readers better be prepared to have everything else fade away! As the fourth enthralling installment to the Everstone Chronicles, THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN is definitely one swoon worthy novel that readers won’t want to miss! The rich love story, as well as the powerfully deep, tender, and raw emotions of the interactions between Violet Hawthorne and Vance Everstone, are sure to enchant and delight.” – Sydney Anderson, book reviewer at

“In THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN, Dawn Crandall grasped my heart and brought out every emotion with an endearing heroine, a reformed rogue, a heart-pounding romance, jaw-dropping plot twists, lurking danger and suspense. She’s taken broken characters and demonstrated God’s amazing transforming power through grace, forgiveness and redemption within these pages. This book was absolutely amazing! It will be hard to get into my next book now after being so emotionally involved with Violet and Vance. Vance is my favorite bad-guy turned Christian, ever!” – Katie Edgar, book reviewer at

“I’ve been anxiously anticipating THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN, the newest book in one of my favorite series, The Everstone Chronicles. Dawn Crandall has a unique writing style which lends a compelling voice to her characters. Her skills are once again manifested as she expertly  transforms a former scoundrel into a believable hero and protector of feminine virtue without making him into a completely different person by reducing his passionate nature. Readers of Sarah E. Ladd and Elizabeth Camden will fall in love with this intriguing and romantic historical series.” – Heidi Robbins, book reviewer at

“Once again, Dawn Crandall has risen above the norms when it comes to romantic historical fiction, to wow us with this beautifully written novel, THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN. I find I’m never disappointed to pick up a copy of one of her books. What appears on the cover as just another romantic novel, the depth of the work proves to be so much more than that.” – Martha Artyomenko, book reviewer at

“THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN is historical fiction at its best: complex characters, unexpected surprises, and page-turning excitement. The rogue bad boy turns good, but can he forgive himself and accept the love that’s being offered? Enter a story world where historical friends come alive and God’s message of true love prevails. Dawn Crandall’s books are always on my must-read list.” – Stacey Zink, Book Reviewer at

“Dawn Crandall is a master at the art of writing in first person. With strong character appeal and powerful stories of redemption which always include romance, intrigue, mystery, and a deep faith message woven throughout, THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN will appeal to readers across many genres.” – Rachael Merritt, Book Reviewer

“With a perfect balance of redemption, intrigue, and – as always – romance, Dawn Crandall flavors this story with a delectable journey you won’t want to set down. Her unique voice and finesse of human emotions rolls across every page, reminding readers why she’s firmly established at the top of the inspirational romance market.” – Susan Tuttle, book reviewer,

“Readers will connect deeply with Violet, feel the complete range of her emotions, and likely find themselves gasping with surprise or swooning from the romantic moments sprinkled throughout. Fans of Jody Hedlund and Julie Klassen will fall in love with Dawn Crandall’s historical romances!” – Denise Hershberger, book reviewer,

“Once again Dawn Crandall delights with her exquisite writing of redemption and grace, mixed with the enticing elements of romance that will leave readers breathless in THE CAUTIOUS MAIDEN. Spiritual and emotional passions take flight as readers dive, once more, into the Gilded Age of Boston.” – Annie, Just Commonly Review Blog, ​www.​


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